Fly Trap, Air Freshener And Ants Control Service

Fly trap, Air freshener and ants control service at supermarkets


✔ Our technicians are trained to handle poisons and have Poison Controller License (PAL) issued by the Poison Control Division, Department of Agriculture.

✔️We are experience 25Years Running.

✔ We care about safety while working so that customers are confident of choosing the services we offer.

✔ We also have a Class 1b, 2, 3, and 4 Poison-Free License issued by the Poison Control Division, Department of Agriculture. We also have a Pest Control Operator (PCO) license issued by the Department of Agriculture. We are also a member of Pest Control Association Malaysia (PCAM) is an association that collects pest control services in Malaysia.

✔ We are also registered with Pest Control Association Of Malaysia,Chemical approve by Pesticide Board Of Malaysia , Kementerian Wang Negara, Malaysia Airport, PDC and have succeeded in obtaining the trust of several government agencies.

✔ We use safe, quality and effective poisons and are authorized by the Department of Agriculture.

✔ Each of our services is provided with a warranty period and certificates / letters attached to our customers.

✔ We offer 5 ⭐️, People Choice ????

???? Control and Eradication Services offered:
➖Bee Hive
➖Bed Bugs
➖Carpets Beetles
➖Stored Product Insects
➕Soil Treatment(Guaranteed ✔️)
➕ Corrective Soil Treatment (Guaranteed ✔️)

????We also specialist in Healthcare product. service we offered:
➖Air Freshner
➖Hand Soap Dispenser
➖Hand Dryer
➖Anti Slip Mat
➖Toilet Roll Dispenser
➖Toilet paper
➖Insect Light Trap
➖Mat & Matting
➖Sanicare Bin
➕Sales of cleaning Washroom Chemical
➕Cleaning Service

???? Area Of service:
➡️Langkawi ➡️Perlis ➡️Kedah ➡️Penang➡️ Perak ➡️ Selangor ➡️ Kuala Lumpur

Interested in getting our service can contact ???? 0194473844 for appointment and quotation ????.

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