Done Disinfection Service At Manufacturing Companies .

Done disinfection service at manufacturing companies .

With the spike of covid cases in malaysia.
We urges to our beloved friends, customers and family to treat your property with proper disinfection treatment by trusted professional company.

For Facilities Managers or business owners looking to make contaminated (or potentially contaminated) areas safe again, cleaning and disinfecting are essential measures. Suria pest have the professional disinfection services have the techniques, tools and most appropriate products to disinfect areas quickly and returns them to normal use to get your operation to start back to normal and safer environment

Suria Pest Control is providing disinfection & sanitation services for you at your premises. Covering inaccessible and accessible areas.
Disinfection service is a service to help you to kill the growing bacterial, virus and fungi grow.
Let’s not take the risk, Prevention is better than cure .

???? Area Of service:
➡️ Perak
➡️ Selangor
➡️ Kuala Lumpur

Interested in getting our service can contact ???? 0194473844 for appointment and quotation ????.

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